Brushless Motors Drives (EC Motors / PMS Motors / BLDC Motors)

One thing at electric motors is clear: energy costs through the life cycle represent the highest part of the overall operating costs. If the operating costs can be reduced, profitability can be increased and your production becomes more environmentally friendly. Domel’s new high efficient motors do exactly that – they reduce operating costs by working at very high efficiency in wide speed and power range. Manufacturers and users have a responsibility to sparingly use valuable energy resources. By using Domel’s high efficient motors operating costs are significantly reduced. Domel placed considerable significance on optimum use of materials, newest technology and long lifetime operation when developing new high efficient motors.

Today, the awareness of the environment and energy saving is as high as never before. Conferences on the climate changes, increasing fuel costs and environmental taxes underline the trend. Naturally, this trend is not only driven by increased awareness about energy saving, but also as a result of international political activities, e.g. the Classification and EC-Regulations for Motor Efficiencies (Standard IEC/EN 60034-30 and Application guide IEC/EN 60034-31).

Domel’s new EC motors guarantee high energy savings and reduce payback time. Products fulfil IE4 (Super Premium efficiency) according to the new proposed Standard. Energy saving is our responsibility.

EC motors type AZ are available in four frame sizes: AZ 84, AZ 108, AZ 150 and AZ 220. The motors can operate between -20°C and +40 °C ambient temperature. Dust and humidity protection to IP 54. Torque range from 1,5 to 50 Nm.

Beside our EC motors for HVAC applications, we also produce high speed brushless motors which could also be used in automotive industry. In particular, they are applied in permanent drives requiring long service life. These kinds of motors are also suitable for drives requiring high power and torque surges – as actuators and also to be used in various pumps for liquids.

Brushless Motors / Drives (EC Motors / PMS Motors)
Brushless Motors / Drives (EC Motors / PMS Motors)

  • Main Advantages of AZ motors

    • Extremely high efficiency up to 93% (motor and controller) – IE4
    • Very high efficiency at all operating area
    • Low noise
    • Compact design
    • Motor controller can be mounted up to 10 m away from the motor
    • Highest quality
    • Long life and maintenance free operation
    • Motor controller has electronic motor protection so there is no danger to overheat the motor
    • EC motors are without Hall sensors so the connection between motor and motor controller is very simple
    • EC drives are CE marked and fulfil all applicable European legislation and directives
  • Special brushless high speed motor solutions

    Power P2 up to 1500 W
    Torque up to 180 Ncm
    Speed up to 40.000 RPM
    Efficiency η up to 86 %
    Voltage 120 V, 230 V, 400 V
      DC versions (optional)
  • AZ motors

    Shaft Power P2 0,2 – 10,0 kW
    Torque 1,5 – 50 Nm
    Efficiency Up to 93% (motor + controller)
  • AZ motors are used in:

    • HVAC (Fans: plug in, axial, single inlet centrifugal forward/backward curved)
    • Industrial and commercial (Pumps, Air compressors, Industrial machines)