Domel receives the Golden Innovation Award from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Domel was one of the winners at the today’s presentation of national awards conferred by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIS) as part of the Innovation Day held by the CCIS under the slogan “NEW INNOVATIONS, NEW REALITY”.

After receiving the regional golden award, the company’s completely new water pump concept for cooling battery packs and propulsion motors in electric vehicles also received the golden award at the national level. CCIS’s national awards for innovation are the country’s highest accolades for the innovative achievements of Slovenian companies and other organisations, and thus promote innovation in Slovenia.

The MP 150 pump is designed to operate in a cooling medium, a mixture of glycol and water. It was developed to be used in e-vehicles for long-term cooling of battery pack and propulsion electric motors. The completely new pump concept and their innovativeness is confirmed by Domel’s customers. Their specifications exceed the most stringent requirements imposed by the manufacturers of e-vehicles. We are delighted that vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) have recognised the product as very innovative and marketable, and that our planned production capacities are already fully allocated. In this way, we are actively involved in the development of a new generation of electric vehicles.

Domel was also involved in the second golden award for developing a highly efficient motor in a joint project with Hidria, entitled Electronically Commutated Fans EC R18.

Congratulations to all who took part in both innovations.