Domel receives the Golden Regional Innovation Award

Domel received the Golden Regional Innovation Award presented by the Gorenjska Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the call for tender of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. As a newcomer in the area of water pumps for e-vehicles, Domel developed and industrialised a new concept of pumps that will be in the running for the highest awards at the national level.

The MP 150 pump is designed to operate in a cooling medium, a mixture of glycol and water. It was developed to be used in e-vehicles for permanent cooling of battery pack and propulsion electric motors. The completely new concept of the pumps and their innovativeness is confirmed by the customers. Their specifications exceed the most stringent requirements imposed by the manufacturers of e-vehicles. We are delighted that our product has been recognised as very innovative, material-efficient, energy-efficient and marketable by global car manufacturers.  The planned production capacities, developed and completely automated by Domel, are already fully allocated. There are 21 robots operating on the production line, along with the integration of 2K injection moulding. 100% traceability, automatic measuring and analytics are ensured.  With this large-scale project, Domel is actively involved in the development of a new generation of electric vehicles.